Roy Tatum is an Austin based multidisciplinary designer. He's worked on everything from custom software and wearables, to websites and apps, to printed matter and brand identities. He's worked with and for companies like Apple, Nike, Google, Equinox, and Wikipedia. He's currently Co-Founder and Creative Director at Numbers, a graphic design studio focused on brand, type design, and illustration. Prior to Numbers, he was a design lead at Nike, where he worked on projects across the digital product portfolio. He spent the bulk of his time at Nike working on a redesign of The Nike App and designing and launching The Nike App at Retail program. He also teaches Generative Design and Generative Typography classes within the Graphic Design program at ArtCenter College of Design. The work in these classes explore ways of applying computational thinking and code within graphic design contexts, working across print, screen, and space, ranging from books and print based media, to interactive installations and physical computing.